Step into Christmas! By Susan Chan and Ian Geddes:

December already!  Weeks ago I heard the first warning bells of Christmas.….the dreaded sound of Noddy Holder from Slade asking me if I was ‘hanging up a stocking on the wall?’

‘So here it is merry Christmas ……………..Everybody’s having fun’

Everybody’s having fun’. If only!

It is the season of goodwill. Yes, time for friends and family, good food, parties, exchanging presents and being able to forget about work and problems…well at least for a few days.  However I wonder if our expectations are not too high. We want it to be perfect. However there is a darker side to Christmas bringing levels of high anxiety. The Samaritans, recognise the two weeks either side of Christmas as their busiest time of the year.

I am Susan Chan, change and motivational coach, and I encourage you to identify the three common pressures at this time of year:

  • money and increased debt
  • relationships
  • high levels of expectation leading to stress and anxiety

I heard a mum saying that her three year old was getting a ‘Silver Cross Toy Pram’ for Christmas….at £320! Wow. It was easier when ‘all you wanted for Christmas was your two front teeth!

The media onslaught starts earlier and earlier every year. However on Christmas eve the adverts have moved to the ‘Sales’, ‘New Year’ and then losing weight and then booking up our summer holidays!

Have a great day, but don’t put yourself under financial pressure for months or even years.  Again as ‘Slade’ tells us, ‘Look to the future now………………….It’s only just begun’!

It is Christmas morning. The kids have been up since 04.15 and been feeding on chocolate and fizzy juice. They are as high as the Eiffel Tower! Dad opened the first beer at 09.20. Mum is frazzled. The turkey is still frozen and the tree lights have blown! Relax. The Visa  statement will not come for four weeks!

However we can do a lot to overcome the December blues and as Elton John said, ‘step into Christmas’.

So how can you survive the final two weeks leading to Christmas?

  • start your planning early
  • decide on a budget for food, booze and presents
  • post it up on a wall so you can see it and live within your budget
  • if folk are coming to your house, delegate. Who brings what? Who does what?
  • get all the taxi/car driving duties sorted out
  • talk with your loved ones about expectations. Get the reality check in place
  • compromises must be made. Everybody cannot be happy all the time.
  • track down the presents early. Amazon is great but don’t leave it for last minute delivery. You are just putting pressure on yourself
  • be aware of the early sign of emotional stress. (sleeping problems, anxiety, food and drink excesses, arguing)
  • learn relaxation techniques to help your mind and body
  • practise mindfulness relaxation techniques
  • buy some treats for yourself
  • if all else fails then have the telephone number of the United Nations peace keeping agency on speed dial if WW3 breaks out!
  • you can get help and support over this time and set yourself on a new path with promise and vigour.

Remember to have a great time!

When things settle and you are ready to make changes to your life, have a look through the pages of this site. There are a number of things that can help you…even contact Susan for information and direction


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