Relaxation Time For Yourself

mp3_relaxation_time_for_yourselfThis is Susan’s most popular recording. This 22 minute MP3/ Download can be listened to at home, before going to bed, during a lunch break or as part of a work based programme for staff well being and health. Life can be hectic. There are times when you need to be ‘kind to yourself’.

Find a calm and quiet place where you can relax. You will feel yourself gently falling into a state of deep relaxation, where your subconscious will accept suggestions that will leave you with that feeling of greater well being. At all times, you remain in control. Many people note a feeling of euphoria after experiencing this recording.

Susan’s calm and rhythmic voice will provide you with the skills to allow deep relaxation to take place. Download your 22 minute ‘Relaxation’ MP3 today.

30 Second Sample:

Please note (Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad users):
You can not download an mp3 directly to your device. You must first use a PC or Mac to download the mp3 and then use iTunes to sync with your device.