Work/Life Balance

There are so many demands placed upon us every single day. Work demands. Family and friend demands. Spending time with the kids. Being able to take a walk. Listen to music. Financial decisions.

All lifestyle surveys identify work life balance as the number one concern. We have more contact from clients on work life balance than any other single concern. Burn out. Overwork.  Stress. Ill health. Depression. Sleeplessness. Relationships. Performance. It is not easy to get the right balance.

The problem is that it may be more realistic to talk about a life balance. It is too simplistic to tell someone that they need to cut back on the hours they put it in at work. The key is being able to have what is increasingly being referred to as a ‘life-life’ balance

Attempt the ‘Life Balance Questionnaire’ in the toolkit

Our clients include: Company executives and CEO’s; the self employed; professionals;  parents, students and employees

Technology makes it easier than ever to stay connected. This also means that it is harder to switch off in the evening and at weekends. You can be ‘on call’ 24 hours, every day.

  • We can help you to get the life balance right.
  • How to manage your time.
  • To focus on your priorities.
  • To ‘de-clutter’ your mind.
  • To change bad habits.
  • To regain control.

The rewards make it worth the time and commitment to take far more care of your self. Treat yourself with compassion.

As the advert says, ‘you’re worth it!’

It’s your life and your balance. You have to do it your way. We can help you.

We work with individuals and groups. Our programmes cover themes such as:

Living the Dream on how to fully enjoy life and be happier again
Priorities in Life
The techniques and strategies to deal with stress
Developing a positive self-image
Challenging negative thoughts, behaviour and attitudes
Applying practical mindfulness and relaxation techniques and motivational skills to remain positive
Relaxation and the Mind.