We can work with you to build on all the relationships that you hold important, whether they by at home, with family, with friends, your children and work colleagues.

One of our clients had all the trappings of success. He had a good job. Earned enough to pay for necessities and luxuries. He knew that he had a loving wife and he had his dream family of three children. To an outsider he was not only a lucky man but also successful in every aspect of his life. But he was not happy. He felt that he failed in his role as a dad and as a husband. His work/ life balance was all wrong. He came home late, got up early and was too tired to enjoy the weekend.
Sometimes as we strive to achieve some goals in life, we forget and sacrifice other parts that need to be dear and precious to us. He felt that he had become distant. Stressed. He regarded himself as a failure. Life is made up of many parts and he was clearly  successful in some, but not all of those parts.

So are you kind to yourself? Only by being kind to your self can you be truly kind and compassionate to others.

Sometimes we don’t realise that we push ourselves too hard.

We can ignore what our mind and our body is telling us.