Educational Personal and Professional Development

For many people sitting examinations can be very stressful. Often it is a matter of confidence building combined with a useful set of skills and techniques to achieve the best possible outcome.

Ian has vast experience in education, coaching and course delivery. He is the author of several books.  Ian is a lecturer with both the Open University  and a freelance consultant with national and international agencies such as AOK Learning, Hodder Events and Leckie and Leckie.

He is a former Chairman of an educational charity with experience as a public speaker, debater, national judge and motivation coach.

Educational Motivation, Coaching and Performance

We offer a range of programmes:

  • How to beat exams! Workshops for senior students
  • Group coaching, confidence building and motivation in schools or colleges with students preparing for national exams
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Induction workshops for senior students
  • Mindfulness for students and staff
  • Relaxation and De-stress workshops
  • CPD motivation sessions with staff
  • One to One coaching, confidence building and motivation sessions with students (University/ College or School


An example of one of our programmes:      ‘How to beat exams!’ Confidence building and motivation

  • Time                1 to 1.5 hours
    Audience       S5/S6 students preparing for SQA exams and A Levels.
    Numbers       Up to 60 students per session
    Materials       Access to a media projector/ sound systemOverview of programme

    Based on the structure of ‘How to Pass SQA Exams’ written by Ian Geddes

    • How to fail an Exam!
    • Why should you pass?
    • Master the basics and assemble your ‘toolkit’.
    • Learning how to use your brain. How do you learn?
    • Relaxation, a practical session. Stress and motivation
    • The final push. ‘You deserve to pass’.

    This is an interactive programme and will introduce some fun into the serious task of studying for and passing exams.