De-stress, Relaxation and Resourcefulness

Living the Dream. Live life to the full. Let go of stress.

Free up energy. Harmony for happiness.

It’s time to get started to take control…of your thoughts, feelings and take action. So, how do you eat an elephant?! The simple answer is in small chunks!

How do you ‘live the dream’ and take control? Have you ever noticed how it sometimes seems like your brain won’t switch off? Also, your ‘inner voice’ is constantly nagging, criticising you and you can’t get relax. You can use a combination on modern psychological techniques and relaxation methods to improve your general feelings of happiness and motivation.

It seems to be a symptom of the times that we live in. Most of us lead busy and challenging lives. To live with a life free of stress is almost impossible to achieve when we have so much to juggle on a day to day basis. We balance family, work, relationships and our health. We need to be strong to help those we love. A little stress is good. It increases the level of hormones flooding through the body and this improves thinking performance. Too much of it is bad. In the animal world we talk about the ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ response. But there is a point where stress levels increase beyond the body’s ability to deal with it and performance drops quickly and people face ‘burnout’.
So how can we be strong and be able to overcome all the negative aspects of stress? We work with individuals, executives and companies using our programmes and courses.

Mindfulness, De-stress and Resilience Part 1      

Confidence, performance and motivation                                                                

  • What is Mindfulness versus Mindlessness?
  • Mind training and techniques
  • Quick and easy key points
  • The toolkit for resilience and de-stress
  • Integration for daily living
  • Guided meditation/ Mind Training embodied response

The Power of the Mind for Confidence, performance and motivation

  • Neuroscience…it’s all in the wiring!
  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • How positivity affects mind and body
  • Break and change negatives to positives
  • Recognise and changing old patterns
  • Positive Mind workout

A Holiday for the Mind – Self Management

  • Progressive Relaxation – releasing stress from your mind and body
  • Stress and the mental, emotional, physical and environmental causes 
  • Exploring how stress affects your mind and body
  • Combating the negative effects of stress 
  • Empowering relaxation techniques to calm both mind and body

Mindfulness, De-stress and Resilience Part 2

  • Mental toughness and emotional control
  • Internal dialogue and negative impact
  • Shine with self-management using your emotional intelligence
  • Emotional triggers and responses
  • Seeing things clearly, breaking patterns, alternative endings
  • ‘Win- Win’

Stress management in the workplace

  • Self-assessment toolkit
  • Rebalancing, creating time and space
  • Re-organising starts here, breaking patterns
  • Positivity , the science
  • Tools and techniques
  • Empowerment, flex the muscle for resilience

 Wheel of Life – Work/  Life Balance

  • Creating a better work / life balance
  • Self-Assessment of work / life balance 
  • Discovering where it can get better, what is unbalanced for you 
  • Re-balancing your life 
  • Give me time!  Making effective use of work time / personal time

The Big Chill – Self Management!

  • Relaxation and wellbeing techniques
  • Tell me the facts on stress 
  • Breath awareness for improved health and relaxation 
  • Stretching techniques to alleviate aches and pains
  • Powerful relaxation techniques to use when under pressure

The Mindful Stress Manager – Self Management!

  • Getting workplace health right
  • Dealing effectively with stress at work 
  • Improving health and avoiding burnout 
  • Creating healthy habits 
  • Effective de-stress and relaxation methods for the office

Mind Massage- Self Management!

  • Introducing meditation and visualisation based stress reduction
  • What are the benefits of meditation and visualisation? 
  • Using mindfulness and meditation for quick and easy stress reduction
  • If happiness is from within where do I find it? 
  • Easy ways to incorporate the techniques into your daily routine 
  • Guided meditation for health and healing