Coaching Consultancy Training

Susan Chan and Ian Geddes are award winning premium wellness, motivation, health, well being and fitness consultants. Eleanor Roosevelt puts it clearly. “A person who has confidence in him/herself has the confidence of others. The key improvement is how you feel about yourself and to be a positive thinker”.
Their mission is to enable people at the top to keep fit, healthy, positive and fulfilled and to ensure their resilience, compassion and kindness within a competitive world. It is their belief that we are all linked within the global community and that we all have the potential to grow and develop to shine through diversity. Often when we strive in a competitive world the demands of  life can take its toll on all of us. It is also true that we have all the potential that we will need for the whole of our lifetime. Mind, spirit and body are intimately linked. More than anything else it is the importance of harnessing resources from within to ensure complete body and mind fitness.
At Susan Chan Associates, we work with our clients in a holistic style, drawing upon a number of established approaches and techniques.



We deliver a first class, bespoke service based on excellence, authenticity and happiness.
The approaches include NLP, Mindfulness and positive modern psychological techniques.
These programmes help people move forward away from issues as anxiety, stress, depression and sleeplessness.


  • De stress to enhance well-being, fitness and health
  • Building resilience and positivity
  • Work and energy balance
  • Claiming back time and space for you. Establishing priorities
  • Re-charge your batteries! Presence. The power of now
  • Every moment counts. Enhance your life
  • Tap into inner resources with insight
  • Rediscover your creative genius with a deeper connection of re-discovery
  • Building on strenghts
  • Letting go of the past. Living in the present
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programmes
  • The power of attention training and NLP
  • Coping with crisis
  • Retreats
  • Happiness and fulfilment
  • Enhancing and rebuilding relationships

Workplace coaching what is it? Coaching can be defined as ‘the process of helping people to shine and perform at the peak of their abilities. Work place coaching can support in a number of different ways. Individuals and also teams to increase learning by addressing performance issues. These can include:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Team skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Dealing with stress

Who is it suitable for? Coaching within the workplace is aimed at heads of service, middle and top management

  • What happens and what’s involved?
  • The coach first identifies issues and the outcomes with the organisational contact
  • The coach then meets up with the team members or individual to further clarify the issues
  • The coach will then arrange a number of 4-6 sessions over a period of weeks. Sessions can be up to 2 hours in length
  • It’s identified where they are at present, where they wish to be and how they can take the steps
  • To achieve their goals
  • The time in between sessions are usually 2/3 weeks
  • Issues covered may include work life balance, career development and managing change
  • All of these points can have an effect on job performance

As Stephen R. Covey suggests, In the Effectiveness of Communication, ‘Awareness is Key’ and often ‘self-awareness and their sensibility to the needs of others can be key in improving performance.’ This is referred to as Emotional Intelligence

Work place coaching can provide a number of enhanced skills

  • Effective listening and questioning
  • Building rapport
  • Focussing on goals
  • Challenging constructively
  • Enabling helpful feed back
  • Support people as change occurs towards identified goals.

Key benefits can be identified

  • In outcomes and change
  • Coaching can lead to a more significant increase in awareness, team building and learning and motivation
  • To give a focus on training and support of individuals and teams. It is both cost effective and time efficient.
  • For the organization workplace coaching can transform and raise awareness of the culture of the organisation and its contribution to more successful performance. What is found is different people can have different needs and respond in different ways within their organisations culture.
  • The identification of strategies to help individuals and teams to perform at their best is often helpful as an outcome of coaching