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  We are ‘Mindfulness, Mind, Body and Wellness Consultants and Trainers, with a specialism in Resilience, Relaxation, De-Stress and Performance.’

Mindfulness can make the difference to enhance our lives.  At work it can enable people to build connections and cohesiveness with creativity and to cultivate better relationships in conflict resolution and communication.

Your greatest resource is yourself and your people, they are the heart and soul to link everything within your organisation and community. People who are happy exude a wealth of positive energy. Stress is a common factor in everyday living, and stressed out people do not do so well. If they feel fulfilled they will respond far better at work and at home. Mindful people are compassionate people, they care. People are far more likely to build relationships with their peers, colleagues and clients. Mindfulness training has a proven track record in the USA and in the UK, enabling people to build resilience and enhance their abilities.

Learn about the science of mindfulness ……mindfulness is a modern way to make your life richer. To live a fuller happier life. There are a number of skills and tools that you can use to enhance day to day living. Time is so precious and it can just roll by so quickly. Often we can forget all the things that make life important and meaningful. Mindfulness can make a positive difference with a few small steps that make a significant way in how you think, to simply turn things around in a massive way. It’s really possible now!

Mindfulness is a scientific discipline, over the last 30 years with developments in the USA, programmes in mindfulness science have been able to chart and measure change. Mindfulness simply has a direct causal effect in enhancing life experience through exercises involving introspection, compassion, self -awareness and specific memory development leading to reduction of both anxiety and stress to enhance all areas of life and stages of development. Key enterprising and creative global giants like Google and Apple use this cutting edge development to cultivate the conditions of a better environment for all their workers. There is a universal gain.


Front Cover JPegWe have a second book added to our folio, ‘A Mindful Compassionate Guide to a Happier Life’. This ‘little gem’ of a book is an 8-point  self-help programme’. This can be ordered directly from us. This is a colourful book with uplifting poems, images and articles, packed full of tips about fulfilling your dreams.




Shanghai Partners

An exciting new development for us is our expansion into the vibrant and energetic city of Shanghai, China. Our key partner is Denise Li,  President of Prosperous Global China Equity Investment Fund (PGC).

Some recent testimonials from clients

Susan is a truly inspiring professional who works with integrity and to high standards in all that she does. We have been ‘connected’ at different levels over the past 9 years, during which I have the experienced the benefits of her ethical values and range of expertise. Susan introduced me to compassion mindfulness, which has strengthened my own leadership journey as the former Chief Executive of NHS Ayrshire and Arran and President of the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and currently as Chair of Court of the University of the West of Scotland.  Working with high net- worth clients is a key pillar of Susan’s work. Being a global professional, Susan has brought an international dimension in her role as mentor to business leaders. ‘Making a difference’ is core to what Susan does. She has a strong track record in contributing to the community. Susan has deservedly been recognised by the Association of Scottish Business- women in their ‘Business- Charity Awards’ and ‘Most Enterprising Business Award’ categories. Susan is constantly looking at ways to improve and develop her offerings, taking cognisance of the challenges facing leaders and a holistic approach to their personal and business development.             Dr Wai-yin Hatton, PhD, BA, MBA, DMA, MIHM, CIHM, MAC FRSA

‘Susan is a fantastic mentor, coach and advisor. She brings deep insight and great patience to all her work. Deeply empathetic, she helps clients achieve great insight then leverage these throughout their lives in hugely practical ways. I would urge anyone who wants to develop themselves in any way (business, personal, emotional) to get in touch with Susan as soon as possible.’                              ALB  Senior Executive Microsoft

‘Meeting Susan opened my eyes in many ways to look at life and appreciate what and who I had in my life. Working with Susan helped me to focus on new creative projects and career choices. She challenged me and motivated me to not just talk and dream about things but to do them.Susan is a very capable life coach and mindfulness practitioner who is an extremely motivating and a deeply caring person. I know she is there for many people not only when they are her clients but also long after the work had finished. It is because her support touches people for life.’                      UR  Broadcaster, author and Global Ambassador

‘I was tired exhausted and with a whole world of responsibilities on my shoulder. Or so I thought. I was supported into going to Susan, as a life coach. I thought I was going to see someone to help me with the way I dressed, presented myself, who would give me tools to believe in myself. Both right and wrong, in so many ways. It is hard to settle in and open yourself up to someone, when you don’t know what to expect. I remember saying to Susan that it was very gentle, powerful and right for me. It is not an overnight transformation as our behaviours and beliefs are so engrained in our being, but bit by bit, it is like a flower opening up, in the spring, sometimes closing up again due to squalls, or rain, but the work quietly gently transforming the way you think, react and believe.I know it is working for me, I know I am on a journey, I know it is deep work, I know I need the support and coaching, and I would truly recommend it to anyone. With respect and wonder’      AB  Top class Entrepreneur and CEO




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